About me

I have an extensive experience of visual effects compositing for feature films, TV series and commercials spanning over the past 15 years. Throughout my career, I have been responsible for the management and delivery of complex compositing sequences as a Lead/Senior Compositor, working closely with the VFX & Compositing Supervisors from one side, and leading a team of compositors to execute the required effects on the other side. My responsibilities include:

• Finding solutions to integrating sophisticated 2D, 3D and live action elements to high-end visual effects film standard.

• Ability to integrate a broad range of CG, Matte Paintings and FX elements.

• Depending on the size and nature of the project, I may be called on to act as a Lead Compositor, perform R&D and Look-dev, and build shot templates.

• Balancing the creative and technical aspects of each shot.

• Help mentor junior talent on the team based on my experience as a certified Nuke/Compositing instructor.

And my skills cover the following:

• Strong technical knowledge of Nuke and other Compositing tools at an expert level.

• Knowledge of practical lighting for photography.

• A detailed working knowledge of the overall VFX pipeline.

• Python scripting experience and knowledge

• Deep compositing methodologies.

• Strong understanding of color theory, chroma-screen keying, rotoscoping, tracking, and grain management.

• Thorough understanding color pipeline management from camera to final master (LUTS, DI process, etc. )

I always seek challenging projects that will allow me to further develop my skills, and with attention to details, artistic eye, and ability to adapt to different workflows.

Tel : +201118311932

mail : kareem.moftah@gmail.com