About me

• I have 12 + years of Visual Effects Experience in crafting Stunning

Imagery for Feature Films , Commercials, and TV Series.

• Have a strong Eye for Detail, Colour and Composition stemming

from a background in Design with a grounding in Technical

and Photographic principles.

• Good knowledge across the VFX Pipeline allowing for more

sophisticated cross Discipline Problem Solving and Leadership.

• Work closely with Production Teams in Planning

and Scheduling Deliveries.

• Write Nuke gizmos and tools for workflows pipeline and

Create generic looks ,pre-comps, live groups for artists to

create uniformity in all finished work.

• Work on complex and demanding shots.

• I am very passionate about my work, and I strive to seamlessly

integrate photo-real/stylized elements into live-action footage.

• specialist in Nuke - after effects - mocha - pftrack - photoshop

Tel : +201118311932

mail : kareem.moftah@gmail.com